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Akhil Bakhshi is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose career has spanned more than 30 years with assignments in over 15 countries. Akhil was one of the first photo-editor and  photographer for Cosmopolitan India. He is often described as a generalist because of his ability to execute a wide range of assignment work. He was listed at one point, by MTV, as one of the “Most Important People in Indian Photography.” 

Akhil is most passionate about large assignments that have the complexities of execution. It is a challenge shoot large machines such as earth-movers, air-crafts, oil-wells. Akhil considers himself as the master tamer, to such gorgeous man made creations.  Celebrities are particularly fond of working with him as he understand the limitation of time with them, in most cases. He is adept at creating an atmosphere that makes them look a million bucks along with infusing his own perspective matching with the personality of that person. He has executed extensive architecture projects for major hotel chains, schools, real estate & hospitals globally. Lifestyle & advertising is simpler for him to execute as he feels it is complimented by the teams that work with him. His expansive career has included being an ongoing contributor to the Dorling Kindersley UK- shooting numerous cover stories and highly complex, technical features. His works have been published in the a TIME, Asiaweek, Hindustan Times, Times of India & India Today.

Having worked with business owners for a long enough time now,  he understands business needs. This enables him to bring value to the table commercially.

He spends his spare time as a visiting faculty, at the National Institute of Fashion Technology Delhi and his unwinding trips to jungle safaris.

" Fashion & style comes naturally to me. Once behind the camera I am in a trance. It is that emotion that propels me to create magical compositions . My secret weapon is light and how I play with it" says Akhil.